Academic Focus

Modified September 6, 2023
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Modified September 6, 2023

The academic programme at Timbertop is the bedrock upon which challenge, success and resilience is built. Whilst the isolation of our community, life in Units and the outdoor programme stand out in the minds of anyone who has heard of Timbertop, the academic programme is where our students put their perseverance, creativity and courage to the test each day. Alongside the multifaceted physical and pastoral programmes, for four and a half days a week, students are involved in a full Year 9 academic programme with a timetable much like any other school.

At Timbertop, our driving ethos is to best prepare our students for the academic rigour of learning in Senior School at the Corio Campus whilst harnessing the opportunities that our unique context affords. Students are thoroughly supported in building their subject specific knowledge within the framework of embedding core skills of critical, analytical and creative thinking.


Students choose five semester units from the following. Some subjects must be studied for semester 1 and 2, some can be studied in either and some may be studied in both. Must be studied in both semesters (therefore two units):

• Chinese Continuers (Mandarin)

• French Continuers

• Japanese Continuers

• Academic Support Elective (see notes below)

Can be studied in one or both semesters:

• Music (Students must study a musical instrument and take private music lessons on campus)

• Geography: (semester 1) Bushfires and Biomes, (semester 2) Globalisation and Sustainability

Can be studied in one semester only (curriculum is repeated each semester)

• Health and Physical Education

• Agriculture and Land Management

• History (Powers in the 20th and 21st Centuries)

• Visual Art

When selecting subjects, it is critical to make a thoughtful choice as these selections dictate the timetable. Subject changes are very difficult after the timetable has been created and changes cannot be guaranteed.