Modified June 7, 2022
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Modified June 7, 2022

Agriculture and Horticulture

Course Study Either Semester

Prerequisites Nil

Course Description

The Corio campus is set on approximately 202 hectares of semi-rural land, approximately 23 of which is used as farming land. It is well suited to provide students with an ongoing opportunity to continue with a broad range of agricultural and horticultural studies. Students develop their knowledge and practical skills by their involvement with sheep for wool production, intensive vegetable growing and poultry for egg production.

Students are offered one semester to study these subsystems. Semester 1 is offered during summer and autumn and Semester 2 is offered during winter and spring. Therefore the fieldwork will vary, depending on the operations occurring during that season.
The intention of the subject is to develop and continue to use a sustainable approach when conducting practical work by improving the natural resources of the farm.

Students will have the opportunity to acquire beneficial skills and experiences within a semi-rural environment, to develop decision-making strategies and to be involved in the ethics of farming practices. Knowledge gained will be of great benefit to students for current and future studies.

1. Coursework (30%)
2. Practical work (20%)
3. Examination (50%)

Design and technology – Resistant Materials

Course Study Either semester

Prerequisites Nil

Course Description

In this course, students learn how to design and manufacture a number of products by working with various materials, components, tools and equipment. They learn about technological development and the design principles involved in traditional and modern manufacturing industry. They acquire skills in the application of a variety of techniques and processes while working with CAD, wood, metal, plastics and computer controlled laser and 3D printers.  Learning how to design sustainably and present their findings in a range of mediums.

Students examine how specific systems are designed and applied to achieve particular outcomes through the use of tools, and CNC equipment. They record their progress in a folio of design and development work. The course includes an excursion to experience industrial design at first hand. Students investigate design-related topics and report on their findings. 

1. Research and Development 40%
2. Production 60%

Design and Technology – Textiles

Course Study Either semester

Prerequisites Nil

Course Description

In this course, students are encouraged to develop their skills in the design and manufacture of textile articles and garments using a variety of decorative surface techniques and a combination of hand and machine processes. The surface techniques include printing and painting on fabrics and embroidery and decorative stitching.

Through a range of activity-based projects students develop their skills in design and manufacture using domestic and computerised sewing machines. They record their progress in a folio of design and development work. In addition students are required to complete research assignments based on cultural, historic and technological aspects of costume and clothing.


1.  Research and Development 40%
2.  Production 60%