School routines

Modified March 7, 2023
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Modified March 7, 2023

Boarding house routine

From rising time until lights out, life as a GGS boarder is purposeful and active.

Whilst each day is different, a typical week will look something like this:

7.00amWake and shower
7.20amBreakfast in the Darling Hall
8.15amTidy rooms and prepare for the day
8.30amSchool activities – house assembly or MS assembly/Chapel/Mentor groups
8.55amClasses begin
1.00pmLunch available in Darling Hall
3.40pmEnd of classes
4.00pmMusic, Sport or Activities programme
5.30pmDinner in Darling Hall
6.30pmSupervised Prep (homework)
8.30pmBed, reading, lights out

Day student routine

A typical daily schedule for a Middle School day student:

8.20amArrive at School
8.30amSchool activities – House assembly or MS Assembly / Chapel / Mentor groups
8.55amClasses begin
1.00pmLunch available in Darling Hall
3.40pmEnd of classes
4.00pmMusic, Sports or Homework Club (Mon, Tue, Wed)
4.00pmBus departs (Thur, Fri)
5.15pmBus departs (Mon, Tue, Wed)

Regular parts of the day

Academic timetable

We operate on a 10-day cycle of six periods per day, from Monday to Friday. 

Students engage in school activities before class on most mornings, including house assembly, MS assembly, or whole school assembly.

Whole school assemblies take place every second Tuesday with a reduced five-period timetable for that day.

After school

After their academic timetable finishes at 3.40pm, Middle School students engage in the following:

  • Monday – Music co-curricular programme,
  • Tuesday – Sport co-curricular programme,
  • Wednesday – Sport co-curricular programme (Year 7 and 8),
  • Wednesday – Homework Club-optional (Year 5 and 6),
  • Thursday – Activities programme (boarding students),
  • Friday – free


House assemblies are conducted every evening in the boarding house by the Head of House or Assistant Head of House to discuss relevant house matters, important dates, and upcoming events with students.


All boarding students attend Chapel twice each week. Middle School boarders attend Chapel together each Sunday and on one weekday according to their year level. Day students attend Chapel once during the week.


We ask every student to contribute in an emotional and practical sense within their boarding house. Boarders are expected to assist with small routine jobs around the house, such as tidying the kitchen, washing up and maintaining a tidy space around them. Jobs are completed after Prep and on Sunday mornings.

Prep (supervised homework)

Prep (short for ‘Preparation’) is quiet study time to prepare for the following day’s schoolwork and assigned homework tasks. All students complete a session of Prep each weeknight in house.