About Geelong Grammar School

Modified August 2, 2023
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Modified August 2, 2023

Welcome to Geelong Grammar School, a vibrant and pioneering school that provides exceptional learning opportunities built on real-world experiences and genuine human connections. Established in 1855, we advance our heritage through innovation that champions a well-rounded, modern education for young people.

Corio Campus

The space to flourish

Corio Campus offers a unique ‘village’ setting located on a private 230-hectare estate on the outskirts of Geelong and an hour south of Melbourne, wholly removed from local traffic or the bustle and distractions of city living.

Our students enjoy a busy, stimulating, and supportive learning environment with ample open space, playing fields and gardens with a magnificent blend of beautiful historic buildings and modern architecture. Our location and scale allow students a sense of freedom and independence within the safe parameters of our school grounds. Most of our academic staff live on campus; there are almost 100 family residences nestled in and amongst the boarding houses, creating a nurturing, interconnected community with a strong sense of family and belonging.

Senior School framework

Each year, our Senior School team is responsible for the care and education of more than 600 students in Year 10 to Year 12 . We welcome students from all areas of Australia and overseas and celebrate the tremendous diversity this brings. All students enjoy the opportunity to live, learn and develop with friends from different backgrounds, cultures and life experiences.

Our Senior School programmes aim to support independent, confident learners; young people of integrity and compassion who commit themselves to achieve their personal goals and contribute fully to school life.

We want to stimulate in students confidence in learning, an enthusiasm for a broad range of activities, respect for others and a desire to contribute to the betterment of the community. Vital to this aim is the house system, for it is in the houses that our students develop the relationships that will sustain them throughout their years at the School.

The Houses

Our houses are far more than places of residence; they are vibrant, close-knit communities where staff and students develop close working relationships and where the opportunities for pastoral care, individual attention and supervised study are greatly enhanced. Together, our great houses make the great community at Corio.

There are eight Senior School boarding houses – four for girls and four for boys – and two co-educational day boarding houses. Each boarding house is home to students from Year 10 to Year 12, with approximately the same number of students at each year level.

Years 11 and 12 students typically sleep in single bedrooms/studies, and Year 10 students share dormitory rooms comprising four students. The dorm rooms are located throughout the house to build stronger, inter-year level relationships. Students will rotate at the end of term or semester to allow a variety of friendships to develop over the year.