The options for students

Modified December 3, 2021
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Modified December 3, 2021

In Senior School, students may enrol as a full boarder or day boarder.  Both modes of enrolment have the advantage of guided academic support and access to exceptional facilities and co-curricular activities outside of traditional school hours.

Full boarding

Full boarding is the most common arrangement where students live in the boarding house during term time. Leave is available every second weekend with the first and last weekends of each term designated a “closed weekend” with no leave to be taken.

Day boarding

Many local students enjoy the opportunity of day boarding, which brings myriad benefits over a traditional day school. Day boarding provides students with the continued immersion into school life during the afternoon and evening hours, which has a continued impact on their school success. 

A day boarder attends classes from 8.30 am to 3.40 pm and remains on campus to participate in sport and other co-curricular activities from 4 pm. Throughout the day, students can return to their house at morning tea and lunch to socialise with friends, visit the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing (gymnasium and pool), continue work in the Library, Art School and Music School and access additional teaching, coaching and learning support. Students enjoy dinner together and complete their homework (Prep) before returning home to their family each night, typically at 8.30 pm, and 3.45 pm on Fridays.

Parents should contact the Admissions Office to discuss potential changes to their child’s boarding arrangements.