Boarding Info – A to Z

Modified December 14, 2021
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Modified December 14, 2021


A mattress protector, fitted sheet, pillow and pillowcase are supplied by the school. A pillowcase protector and a flat sheet are available on request. Students should bring their own doona (double size recommended) as well as two doona covers. Extra pillows and pillowcases are optional.

Bicycles and skateboards

Students may bring their bicycle or skateboard to school. A locked bike shed is available for storage in most houses and students are responsible for ensuring their equipment is safely locked up. Students are permitted to ride their bikes around designated areas of the campus. Heads of House may give permission for longer excursions in groups of three. Helmets are compulsory whenever bikes or skateboards are being ridden, and protective knee and elbow pads are required for skateboarding.

Books and supplies

Books are ordered through Campion Education and are delivered to the School at the commencement of the school year. More details for booklist ordering codes and dates are provided in Hive.

The Corio Campus book room, located in the Cook Quad, sells a range of pens and pencils, general stationery, books and novels to students and is open during termtime , Monday to Friday.

Colours (recognition system)

The colours system acknowledges contribution by students to the Corio Campus community. House colours are awarded on the basis of exceptional service to the house community and inter-house competition, and school colours are awarded for commitment, achievement, and performance in the areas of academics, drama, music and sport. Students are awarded half-colour jumpers and full colours are acknowledged with an embroidered wreath and embellishments of the blazer pocket.


Senior School students are required to have a personal laptop computer. Access to a personal laptop computer allows the development of capabilities needed to learn, collaborate and communicate, and prepares students for future digital demands.

Parents may choose between purchasing a laptop computer through the School’s provider or supply their own computer that meets the minimum specifications outlined by the School. Further information outlining the laptop programme can be found in Hive.

Electrical appliances

Students are permitted to bring hair dryers, hair straightening wands, shavers, electric toothbrush, desk lamp, clock radio and international power adaptor into the boarding house. These may be used at the discretion of the Head of House. Hair straightening wands must be unplugged after use and stored in a heat-proof pouch (available from the uniform shop). These items must be named

The following appliances are prohibited and must not be brought onto campus: cooking appliances (including kettles, coffee machines and toasters), electric blankets, air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators and televisions.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are enjoyed in the Dining Hall, apart from some occasions when breakfast or dinner is taken ‘in house’. Supper is enjoyed following Prep each night in the house, and homemade pizzas and BBQ breakfasts are enjoyed on occasion during termtime. Shared cooking facilities are available on weekends for students to bake or prepare meals. Each house has several pantries where students are able to prepare morning tea, snacks and drinks.

Dietary needs

Students with dietary needs should contact the House Assistant. Kitchen staff will also be notified and special meals will be provided.


Food for snacking may be brought into the house for after school and in the evening. Food should be safely packaged in plastic sealable containers or cans. Junk food is discouraged and food containing nuts and nut products are not permitted.

Takeaway food

Boarders are permitted to order takeaway food at their own expense on Saturday nights only.

Hair and make-up

Students are expected to keep their hair clean and well-groomed each day. All hair is to be of natural colour. Coloured nail polish, shellac, acrylic nails and extensions are not permitted. Make-up should not be worn with school uniform.

ID cards

Identification cards, which include a photograph and individual barcode are used to borrow books from the libraries, to purchase items from the book room or GGS Shop, for commuter bus travel, and to use photocopiers.

Insurance of personal belongings

Students’ belongings such as computers, phones and bicycles are not covered by the School’s insurance. If cover is needed, it must be arranged by parents. All personal electrical appliances should be labelled with the student’s name and fully insured. The School takes no responsibility for articles of value that are left in bedrooms or studies. Each student is provided with a lockable cupboard to store their personal belongings.


The only earrings that are permitted to be worn are a single pair of studs or sleepers. Earrings are only to be worn in the ear lobe. Apart from a watch, no other jewellery may be worn. Tattoos are not permitted.


Laundry within each house is managed by the House Assistant and sent to an external laundry facility every week with a 48-hour turnaround. Items such as blazer, trousers, kilts and pullovers are dry-cleaned. Students are responsible for distributing their dirty laundry to the correct place in the boarding house and collecting clean laundry regularly.

Within each house, there are washing machines, clothes lines and a drying room available for students to wash small loads of casual clothes. Each student should bring a small amount of washing powder if they wish to use these facilities. Expensive items of clothing should not be brought to school as they are not suitable for industrial laundering and tumble drying.


The Fisher Library has an extensive catalogue which is available to Senior School students. Books and audio material may be borrowed for two weeks and DVDs overnight. Other books and periodicals are available for reference in the library only. Borrowers with overdue items for longer than a week will be referred to their Head of House and further loans will not be permitted until overdue items are returned. The School subscribes to a number of online databases that provide high-quality authoritative reference sources for student work.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is accepted and can allow for important communication access for parents. In accepting the use of mobile phones, it is expected they will be used responsibly. Students are not permitted to make and receive calls and text messages in the following times:

  • During assemblies and class time
  • During Prep (7–9pm on weekdays)
  • After 10pm

Please assist us with ensuring your child only uses their phone within these guidelines.

Year 10 students are required to hand in their mobile phone and computer prior to lights out.

Money and valuables

Students should use a debit card or cash card to access their money. It is not advisable for students to keep cash on their person or within their dorms, except in small amounts (eg $20). Larger sums of money, passports and other travel documents should be stored in the care of the Head of House.

Name tapes

Name tapes can be ordered from the uniform shop. Only sew-in name tapes are permitted and they must state your child’s full name and house code as follows:


House codes: Allen (AL), Clyde (CL), Cuthbertson (CU), Francis Brown (FB), Fraser (FR), Garnett (GA), The Hermitage (HE), Elisabeth Murdoch (EM), Manifold (M), Perry (P)

All items of clothing should be named. For trousers, kilts, shorts and underwear, the name tape should be sewn on the inside of the middle-back of the waistband. For shirts, jumpers, blazers and tops, the tape should be sewn inside the middle of the back of the neck. For socks, sew the tape vertically on the inside of the top of each sock. Shoes should be named with marking ink.

The school sewing room is able to name your child’s clothing. Please arrange this through the uniform shop.

Prohibited items

Please do not allow your child to bring the following items to school: aerosol cans (eg deodorant, hair spray), candles and oil burners, humidifiers, chewing gum, incense sticks, soft drinks, electrical appliances (as previously listed), liquid shoeshine, lighters and laser beams. Items that are expensive or irreplaceable should remain at home.

Please refer to the Student Behaviour Rules available via Hive for our expectations and requirements regarding student behaviour, including prohibited substances and items, to ensure a safe and supportive learning and living environment for all in our community.


All students sign in and out of the boarding house via the REACH student management software. This allows our staff to safely monitor student locations both on and off campus and this software is also used to manage exeat and leave requests.


A consistent supply of shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and feminine hygiene products is required. These items may be purchased at the uniform shop, and other essential chemist items can be ordered through the House Assistant and charged to your account.