Clothing and Uniform

Modified February 10, 2022
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Modified February 10, 2022


Casual clothes may be worn on weekends and in the evening within the boarding house. All clothing items should be named. It is not necessary to bring an extensive casual wardrobe to school — less is more. Three changes of tidy casual clothing and one change of smart casual clothing is sufficient. Clothes should be machine washable and able to be tumble-dried.


The Geelong Grammar School uniform can only be purchased from the GGS uniform shop, located in the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing at Corio Campus, either in person or remotely if required.

Uniform requirements and the uniform shop opening hours are provided on the school website and in Hive.

To contact the uniform shop directly, please email: uniformshop@ggs.vic.edu.au or phone +61 3 5273 9329

A range of pre-loved uniform items is available for purchase in good condition, and we encourage families to recycle uniforms with us.

Uniforms should be worn correctly and neatly at all times. Girls’ dresses and kilts should be of a length that finishes just above the knee. A sports uniform is only to be worn at designated times.

The black GGS fleece is not an official uniform item and should only be worn for casual wear. The black GGS raincoat should only be worn on rainy days and not as a substitute for a blazer.

Formal uniform, known as ‘No. 1’, is worn on special occasions (e.g. Anzac Day) and to chapel on Sundays. Students will be notified by their Head of House when required to dress in their No. 1s.

What to bring

In addition to school and sports uniform requirements, stationery, books and personal hygiene items, boarding students should bring the following:

  • Casual clothing (see ‘Clothing’ section)
  • Mesh laundry bag, available from uniform shop (4)
  • Name tapes, available from uniform shop (24 dozen, 6 extra for House Assistant)
  • Pyjamas (3)
  • Underwear (10)
  • Thongs for shower
  • Doona, double size recommended (1)
  • Doona covers, double size recommended (2)
  • Woolen rug, school rug recommended (1)
  • Towels, available from uniform shop (4)
  • Weekend case/bag (1)
  • Brush and comb, available from uniform shop
  • Nail clippers, available from uniform shop 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, available from uniform shop 
  • Shampoo/conditioner, available from uniform shop
  • Soap, available from uniform shop
  • Deodorant, no aerosols permitted
  • Wrist watch with vibrating alarm, or Small alarm clock

Optional items:

  • Photographs, posters, appropriate pictures
  • Personal iPods and MP3 players

Storage in Boarding House

Each student is provided with a hanging cupboard, chest of drawers and bedside table to store their personal belongings.