Modified December 14, 2021
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Modified December 14, 2021

All our students have responsibilities and duties – to their houses, to the School, to themselves and to each other.  

Up to date school policies and procedures can be found on HIVE, and include:

  • Child Safety Policy
  • Inclusivity Policy
  • Community Code of Conduct
  • GGS Bursary Guidance Statement
  • Student Behaviour Rules
  • Suspensions and Expulsions Procedure
  • Overseas Student Policies and Procedures
  • Student Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Student Drugs and Alcohol Policy
  • Eating Disorder Policy
  • Self-harm Policy    
  • Student Complaints Policy
  • Uniform Regulations
  • Student Driving Lesson Procedure

Overseas Students

The School has specific policies and procedures which govern our students enrolled at the School pursuant to student visa (subclass 500). Importantly, students need to be aware of the Course Progress, Attendance and Progression Policy, and Complaints and Appeals Policy.  These can be found on the Overseas Student Policies & Procedures page on Hive. The School’s Overseas Student Officer can answer any queries regarding current overseas students via riskandcompliance@ggs.vic.edu.au.